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Subject: The Horny Hitch-hikerI was standing on the motorway slip road waiting for a free lift anywhere
in the direction of Scotland. It was not my luckiest day. I had been
waiting hopefully for nearly an hour and nobody had stopped. Then, quite
suddenly, the sky clouded over Lolita Cumshot
and I was drenched with a burst of
torrential rain. It was dreadful and my body was soon soaked to the skin
and I felt very, very miserable. Why hadn't I stayed at home in the States
this summer, I thought to myself? The English weather was so unpredictable.The rain stopped leaving my long blond hair bedraggled. I was only
twenty-two and stood six feet two tall. My soaking T-shirt stuck to my
well-developed torso. Water dribbled down from my cut-down jeans and matted
the hair on my long slender legs. I must have looked a very sorry
sight. Then my luck changed and a Jaguar slowed down and a handsome guy in
his thirties offered me a lift."Do you have a change of clothes?" the guy asked me and I nodded."I have a towel in my suitcase," he went on.He opened the boot and handed me a large fluffy towel and I took a pair of
shorts and a dry T-shirt out of my backpack. The guy drove off as I whipped
off my wet shirt and dried my chest and back. Then I slipped out of my
dripping shorts and the guy caught sight of my twelve-inch cock and gulped
with excitement.I knew that the guy had the hots for me and I dried my legs deliberately
slowly so as to leave my cock exposed to him for as long as it took for him
to make a move."I'd like to suck that dick of yours," the guy whispered to me."Why not?" I said. "It's free of charge to a good looker like you."The guy left the motorway at the next junction and parked in a quiet lane."My name's Richard," he said taking my cock in his hand and I told him that
my name was Hank.My cock was now poker stiff. He pulled back its foreskin and licked the
pre-cum that had already oozed out of it."You taste special," he whispered before he took my meat in his mouth and
sucked me hard.I groaned with pleasure as he sucked me harder and harder."Go for it!" I cried with my hands on his head forcing more of my throbbing
cock into his mouth.He grabbed my low hung balls and squeezed them gently. Then my cock
pulsated four times in orgasm and my cum filled his mouth. He kept on
sucking me until my cock was completely spent.He sat up and I licked my cum off his chin before giving him a deep
grateful kiss. I unzipped his trousers and pulled out his huge swollen
cock. It was dripping with pre-cum. I sucked it for a few seconds before
it spurted into my mouth and I felt his body tremble with rapture. I sucked
on and on until he groaned in ecstasy.After I had put on my dry clothes, Richard rejoined the motorway."Where will you stay tonight?" he asked."I don't know," I replied. "It depends on where I end up.""You can stay at my place," he offered. "My wife is visiting her mother for
a few days. We'll have the place to ourselves.""That'll be great," I replied. "I'd like to get to know you better."He squeezed my arm.About an hour later, Richard left the motorway again and headed for his
home in the country."You've got a swell place," I said as we swished into his drive."Yes," he said, "I've been lucky in life.""Can I use your shower?" I asked him when we got inside with our bags.We climbed the stairs together and he showed me the bathroom."Don't be too long," he said with a smile, "I'm getting horny for you
again."Richard went into his bedroom and stripped off. After my shower, I watched
him admiring his naked body in a mirror. Although he was about thirty-two,
he had kept his body in shape. His chest, arms, legs and crotch were
covered in jet black hair. His ten inch cock was already stiff again
thinking about my firm young body. He pulled back his foreskin and squeezed
his moist purple helmet. I wanted to fuck him badly.His body shivered with joy as he felt my huge cock Lolita Cumshot slide between his legs
as I hugged him from behind. My cock was burning hot."Do you have some jelly?" I whispered. "I don't want to hurt you when I
fuck you."He found some in a drawer and spread it lovingly all over my dick and I
squeezed some into Richard's hole and fingered it in."Bend over," I whispered, "I want to get this meat deep inside you."Richard placed his hands on his knees and bent down as I tugged at his
dangling balls. I steadied myself with my hand on one of his hips and I
pointed my cock with the other into his hole. It slipped in quite easily
and I realized that Richard must have been fucked many times before. I
pulled him towards me until my cock was completely inside his rectum and
jerked his dribbling dick. He groaned ecstatically."Squeeze my cock," I whispered as I started to fuck him with long, slow
strokes and I sighed joyfully as his ass tightened around my dick.I stopped now and again to prolong the shag for as long as possible and
pulled at Richard's balls and cock."Give me the works," he whispered to me and I fucked him faster and faster
with our balls clashing together after each inward lunge.Within a few seconds I lost control and he felt my cock throb inside him as
it spouted my cream deep inside him. A few more lunges and my whole body
shivered with bliss.I withdrew my sticky cock from Richard's hole and we stood up and kissed
each other greedily."You can fuck me now," I whispered fondling his hot cock."Lie down on the bed," Richard said "I want to fuck you face to face.I opened my bent up legs wide and Richard lay down on me and kissed me
lovingly. Then he raised himself up on his hands and I guided his prick
into my hole. "You're so tight inside," Lolita Cumshot he cried out excitedly and he
started fucking me uncontrollably.Only a dozen or so quick deep lunges were enough to make his cock spurt and
tingle. He withdrew his wet dick and warm cum trickled out of my hairy
hole. Then I pulled his trembling body to mine Lolita Cumshot
and I kissed him over and
over again.An hour or so later we had showered and were enjoying a meal together in
Richard's upmarket kitchen. We were both completely naked."I keep on getting the feeling that I've seen you before," he said
eventually."Do you surf the net?" I asked him."Yes I do every night. Mainly for pictures to jerk myself off on" he
replied."Take me to your computer and I'll show you something special," I said
quietly. We sat down in his study and dialled up the Internet. I called up a
free homoerotic site and twenty thumbnail pictures of me appeared. Richard
sucked air."You're a stud," he said in surprise. "That's where I've seen you before."He enlarged a picture of me fucking a young well-hung black guy."What was he like?" Richard asked. "He had a very tight ass," I
replied. "I must have fucked him three or four times that afternoon."Richard got up and stood astride my naked Lolita Cumshot body."Suck me" he whispered pleadingly and I took his rampant dick inside my
mouth and sucked him hard.Then he sat down on me and I felt my cock slide completely inside him. I
gave him several deep wet kisses as he raised and lowered his body."That's heavenly," I whispered in his ear. "Take your time I want this fuck
to go Lolita Cumshot on for ever.And it did in a way. Richard sends me tickets to visit him from the States
twice a year when his wife is going to be out of the way. England is a
great place to visit - whatever Lolita Cumshot
the weather.Richard AllenLet me know if you've been given a lift by some horny guy and what happened
to you. E-mail me at excaliber1021439aol.com.
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